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The Archipelago

It is easy to get about in the archipelago.

Fine bridges, spacious ferries and splendid vessels link the islands together. You don’t really need a boat at all. And if you want you can go by using a sea taxi. For people coming in their own boats important arrival points are the guest harbours.

Nature in the archipelago is full of wonders. The enchantment of the sea, the verdant beauty of the inner islands, the barren outer islands, the unbroken peace and the rare flora and fauna give a faith in the future. There are over 20,000 islands in the Turku archipelago. And when moving around in the islands you will also hear reference to the Turunmaa archipelago, which comprises the Swedish speaking municipalities in the islands.

The colourful history and culture of the region offer an interesting place to get to know, and lively happenings, in the midst of the wonders of nature. You will find the real joy of life! Travel and tourism is an important livelihood for the inhabitants of the islands. Holiday villages, restaurants, hotels, lodging places, and sea taxis are there for your enjoyment.

Fishermen and farmers together guarantee fresh and clean delicacies for the traveler's table. You can admire the results of the locals´ hands in the potter workshop or take home some of their handiwork as a souvenir.

In the autumn the gorgeous colours in the archipelago cannot be excelled. The first snow and the thin film of ice between the rocks touch even the hardened soul! Winter tarries quietly.

The swarms of migratory birds in the spring are a new miracle every year.

Welcome, come and be our guest!

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