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We can offer you guided boat trips, sport fishing, nature trails, interesting exhibitions in the nature centre, training and recreation.

The archipelago, with its thousands of small islands and rocky islets is unique. The diversity of nature in the archipelago is especially captivating; the glaciated rocks smoothed by the waves, precipices, lush groves and wind-whipped pines give the archipelago throughout the year. Nature here differs in many ways from the flora and fauna on the mainland. In spring, migratory birds arrive in huge numbers, wooded meadows burst into flower in summer and in autumn, pike and other fish attract anglers to the area.

Visitors to the archipelago can use their own boats or take advantage of the state ferry service. There are also a number of privately run boat taxi services available. Taking advantage of the services provided will ensure that your trip to the archipelago will be succesful and enjoyable.

The Archipelago National Park

The archipelago offers many services to tourist interested in nature and culture, and since the 1980's, the Archipelago National Park with its information points and nature trails has introduced visitors to the archipelago's history, flora and fauna. The Park has numerous natural and cultural treasures, the preservation of which is considered of vital importance. The Archipelago National Park thus offers excellent possibilities for unforgettable experiences out in the open. More information about the Archipelago National Park.

The Blue Mussel Visitor Centre

The National Park's visitor centre is located in Kasnäs, Dragsfjärd. The Blue Mussel Visitors' Centre provides information on the archipelago. There are exhibitions on the region's flora and fauna and on the plants and creatures living in brackish water. The Centre also has an geologigal nature trail.

The Archipelago Nature School

The Archipelago Nature School specialises in organising courses and programmes for various groups. The programmes concentrate on the archipelago's flora and fauna, ecology, culture and history. There are set programmes for school and adult groups. For a couple of years now, the School has organised one week volunteer works camps. Volunteer work entails, for example, activies to preserve the wooded meadows in their original state.



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